As we eagerly wait for the arrival of summer and lazy days at the beach, it is important to remind ourselves about the importance of taking care of not only our skin but also our eyes! We all know that spending that moment too long lounging on the beach in the sun can result in sunburn, but what happens to our eyes? Sunburn not only affects our skin. Having too much exposure in the sun can lead to numerous issues with our eyes including;

  • A corneal burn which is caused when the front of the eye gets burnt, causing symptoms like dry eyes and blurry vision. 
  • Burnt and damaged eyelids. We at times forget that this is actually one of our thinnest layers of skin! Without proper sun protection and eye care, they can become easily burnt and damaged. 
  • Eye strain. Have you ever felt the need to squint because the sun is just too bright? If so, squinting against the sun, especially without protection from a hat or sunglasses, can cause eye strain, dry eyes and headaches. 
  • Dry eyes. Issues with dry eyes can become more prevalent during summer with increases in temperatures resulting in more usage of fans and air conditioning which can contribute to drying our eyes out. 

So what can we do to avoid these issues during summer and take great care of our eyes – whilst of course still looking our best! 

  • Wear sunscreen. As stated by Cancer Council, sunscreen reduces the amount of UV radiation reaching our skin, preventing damage to your cells. Don’t forget to apply it around your eyes and eyelids! 
  • Drink plenty of water. Staying well-hydrated during summer is essential as it can promote the healthy functioning of tear production and prevent dry eyes. 
  • Sunglasses! Sunglasses that provide 99-100% of coverage are a must to keep our eyes healthy not just in summer. Speak to your optometrist about options such as UV and polarised glasses, especially for those who spend large amounts of time near the water or in the car.  

At Edgey Specs, we are here to look after you this summer with our high quality and stylish sunglasses that will help protect you from the harsh sunlight. Visit our Newcastle Civic or Edgeworth store today and start looking after your eyes!

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