There is nothing more important than looking after your child’s health, this includes their eyesight.

While it is incredibly rare for children to have sight issues from an early age, having their eyesight assessed by a professional, caring optometrist can set your little one up for success. When issues are found with a child’s eyesight, it is important they are found early so that the child can have the best support and treatment available to them.

At Edgey Specs we recommend children have their first eye examination before they begin primary school. This contributes towards the child meeting their developmental milestones.

Much of what is presented at school is visual, hence why it is critical children have the right mechanisms in place to see clearly, to have no strain on their eyes and to enjoy what lies ahead!

Eye examinations for children are significantly different from those conducted on adults. Our professional optometrists have been testing children’s eyesight for decades, by using a caring and age-appropriate method to gain a deep understanding of each child’s individual needs.

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