Focus on: Anne et Valentin


Bright, quirky, architectural and chic – a  few of the words that come to mind when trying to describe the Anne et Valentin range.

Anne et Valentin frames demand respect and admiration. When you first pick up an Anne et Valentin frame you can tell simply from the feel that these frames are of the best quality in the world. Handcrafted in France, Anne et Valentin frames are made of a range of acetates and metals which are carefully and meticulously selected, cut, polished and assembled to create some of the most exquisite frames that not only the optical industry has to offer, but also the fashion industry. A close look at an Anne et Valentin frame will reveal the long hours of workmanship and love that is put into each and every frame.

There is an Anne et Valentin frame to suit every face and every situation – do yourself a favour and stop by our Civic store to try on a frame today.

Edgey Specs Civic
1/456 Hunter Street
Newcastle NSW 2300


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